DJ Shred One - The Bird & The Beat

This brand new mix by RRS Feed's Shred One is based upon a great concept. Taking the best parts of some of Hip Hop's finest tunes that feature smooth vocals and combining them all into one mix.

A soul-experiential collection of chorus, hooks and bridges, sung by the songbirds of hip hop, and supported by beats of original hip hop producers, dedicated to give the timeless sound of the female vocalist its musical moment in the sun.
DJ Shred One

DJ Shred One
The Bird & The Beat
(2011) |116 MB|

The Bird & The Beat Intro
No - Yummy Bingham & Dave Work
Keep The Beat - Eric B & Rakim
Temperature Rising Remix - Mobb Deep & Q Tip
Sounds Like Love - Debi Nova & Jay Dee
Down to You - Muhsinah & Grooveman Spot
Lovely - Melanie Rutherford & Young RJ
The Inside - Tiffany Paige & 14kt
Sands Of Time - Vinia Mojica & Geology
Ma Dukes - Tammy Lucas & Jay Dee
So Good - Davina
You - Tekita & Rza
Open - Caron Wheeler & Pete Rock
I Like It - Jomanda & The Beatnuts
Affection - Ahu & Grooveman Spot
Cruise Control - Nasirah Nelson & Dibiase
Blue Berry Weed - Isis & Byron & Onra
All Night Long (Soul Power Roller Skate Mix) - Mary J Blige & Soulshock & Karlin
Saturday (Ladies Night Decision) - Vinia Mojica,De La Soul  & Prince Paul
Saturday Night - Carlita Durand & Nicolay
I Don't Need It - Faith Evans & Carvin "Ransum" Higgins
Growing Apart - Jhene Aiko & Taebeast

DJ Shred One


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