DJ Mane One - 75 and 7 & 10

Well its been announced by the Grand Imperial Mane One his 30 Minute Mix series is coming to an end with only 10 more left in series to reach a full 100 mixes.

I guess it's a fitting end considering nearly all mixes with the series have been uploaded to net. I started with number 8 (Here) and 9 (Here) on my blog a few years ago in 2009. So I'm posting only number 7 & 10 within series along with Kung Fu inspired number 75 today.

Kung Fu music put to funk. Thank god we had black exploitation movies to grace us with some bad ass music. Old and new artists appear in this mix. Biggups to St. Paco for rocking some dope cover art this week!
DJ Mane One

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
75 (2011) | 42 MB|

Theme to Blackbelt Jones -Dennis Coffey
Aragon - Roy Ayers
Enter The Dragon Theme - Lalo Schfrin
Si Me Ves Volar - Los Tios Queridos
Causeway - De Wolfe Music Librarie
Unknown Track
Unknown Track
Cookies - Brother Soul
Shaft In Africa - Johnny Pate
You Can't Even Walk To The Park - Johnny Pate
Brother On The Run - Johnny Pate
Alive and Well - Barry White
Jadoo - Passport
Mountain Mocha  - Yellow Soul Force
God Put A Smile On Your Face - Mark Ronson
Funky Fanfare - Keith Mansfield

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
7 (2009) |28 MB|

The Symphony - Juice Crew All Stars
The Bridge - MC Shan
Wisdom - Poor Righteous Teachers
Rock The bells - LL Cool J
Brand New Funk - Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
OPP Instrumental - Naughty By Nature
Black To The Future -Def Jef
Long Live The Kane - Big Daddy Kane
straight out the jungle - jungle brothers
Do The James - Super lover Cee & Cassonova Rud
Rollin Wit Kid And Play - Kid & Play
Have A Nice Day - Roxanne Shante
Paper Thin - MC Lyte
I Know I Got Soul - Eric B & Rakim
Happy Up Here - Royskopp
Do That Stuff - Funkadelic

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
10 (2009) |41 MB|

Jump Children - Flamingos
??? - Platters
Twistin The Night Away - Sam Cooke
Corina Corina - Big Joe Turner
Flip Flop And Fly - Big Joe Turner
Goin Up The Country - Kitty Daisy And Lewis
You Can Never Tell - Chuck Berry
School Days - Tymphany 5
Polly Put The Ketle On - Kitty Daisy And Lewis
Speedo - Cadillacs
Just a Gigalo - Louis Prima
Choo Choo - Louis Jordan

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