DJ Diverse - Late Night Sessions

Some of you may remember the name DJ Diverse from his excellent D & D tribute mix (Here) I posted awhile ago. Now this is one mix of his that I missed when it was uploaded to net nearly a year ago. I guess it was one of  those mixes I intended to listen but never got around to it. Anyway the mix contains nothing but solid Hip Hop tunes that you'll love.

Sorry time didn't permit me to track down nor write a tracklist but you'll hear many classics from the 90's like Black Moon's "Two Turntables And A Mic" and Channel Live's "Madizm" as well a host of little known tunes.

"This is my first official mixtape.This is Tru School at its purest. Recorded live on 2 turntables in one take. No Serato. No multi tracking. No edits. Just real vinyl and real djing. Definitely a piece of OKC Hip Hop history!"

DJ Diverse

DJ Diverse
Late Night Sessions
(1997) | 133 MB|

DJ Diverse


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