DJ Waxwork - Waxecution

I love my Hip Hop hardcore and it doesn't get any harder than Germany's Snowgoons.

When first saw this mix on net I didn't really notice the tracklist since I knew it would highly unlikely I wouldn't love this mix. Well it turns out in this mix not only does former Snowgoons member DJ Waxwork spin some Snowgoons produced tracks but also some very fantastic hardcore joints by other American producers as well. Don't be fooled this not a "mixtape" it is a genuine ill mix by a great deejay.

DJ Waxwork
(2008) | 89 MB|

DJ Waxwork - Intro
OC - My World
Edan - Sing It Shitface
Jedi Mind Tricks - Heavenly Divine
DJ Waxwork - Diggin' & Scratchin Pt.I
Maylay Sparks Feat. Erik Sermon - Nuttin'
Doujah Raze - Irish Cream
M Boogie - New York, New York
Pal One - Biz Allez Weg Iz
Snowgoons Feat. Celph Titled - Who What When Where
KRS One Feat. The Coldcrush Bros. - The Throwdown
Nas - Nas Is Like
Electric Company - Sing Song / Beatnuts - Off The Books
I.G. Off Feat. Hazadus - How Ya Love That
Jedi Mind Tricks Feat. Sean P. - Blood Runs Cold
X Ecutioners Feat. MOP - Let It Bang
Dr. Dre Feat. Nas - Phone Tap
X Ecutioners - The Cipher
Digable Planets - Rebirth Of The Slick
Rakim - Addictive
Rakim - Guess Who's Back
Tony Touch Feat. Gangstarr - The Piecemaker
DJ Waxwork - Diggin' & Scratchin Pt.II
Wu Tang Clan Feat. Onyx - The Worst
DJ Waxwork - Tribute To Jay Dee & Jay
Brown (Outro)

Under Cream
HAASish MUHzak


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