DJ Superix and Rob Pursey - All Black Everything

May, now forever known as the month of Malcolm X's Birth (May 19) and the death of Gil Scott Heron (May 27).

Instead of dropping a Scott Heron album on you I thought I'll repost this mix from January of 2010 by UK's Superix. Considering the overall nature of GSH's pro-black activism I think it's a fitting tribute to his legacy within and upon Hip Hop.

This is mine and Rob Breezy's tribute to that era with 20 classic and
lesser known tracks from the likes of King Sun, Brand Nubian, Lakim
Shabazz, Chosen Ones, BDP, Poor Righteous Teachers etc.

DJ Superix & Rob Pursey
All Black Everything
(2010) |95 MB|

DJ Superix and Rob Pursey - All Black Everything

Be Black - King Sun
Blackman In full Effect - Boogie Down Productions
Black And Blue - Brand Nubian
Black is Back (Remix) - Lakim Shabazz
Am I Black Enough For Ya - Schoolly D
Black To the Future - Def Jef
Black And Proud - The Dismasters
Black And Proud - Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy)
Blackman Whiteman - Chosen Ones
Black Is Black - Jungle Brothers
Blackman In Charge - The Jaz
Poetry Is Black - Maestro Fresh Wes
Young Gifted & Black - Big Daddy Kane
Daffy Was A Blackman - Two Kings In a Cipher
2 Black 2 Strong - MMG
Rappin Black - Poor Righteous Teachers
It's A Black Thing - Kool Rock Jay and the DJ Slice
Watchout Black Folks - Yomo and Maulkie
Young Black Male - Hard Knocks
Black Time - Godfather Don

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