DJ Mane One & Ervin Arana - The Match Up

There have been several "Match Up" battles this year DJ Raichous vs Ohmega Watts and Jaba One vs Ikah Love to name a few but considering The Grand Imperial Mane One is more well known amongst the blogsphere then other previous deejays this Match up is more noteworthy.

I hate to say it but in my opinion Ervin Arana won this battle. His selection of tunes and overall vibe had more energy than Mane's..sorry Mane. However it's true the favor was on Ervin's side considering he went second. In a battle the person who goes first is always in the bad position. Your opponent can always change their set list.

Mane One

Ervin Arana

DJ Mane One & Ervin Arana
The Match Up:
DJ Mane One vs Ervin Arana
(2011) |123 MB|



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