DJ FM - Street Mixes Vol 1

Tragedy has hit the world of Hip Hop hard as of late but unfortunately it has hit closer to home this time. I'm sorry to say fellow blogger and mixtape king Tapemasta lost his grandmother Lucille Waters in the deadly tornado that struck Alabama last Wednesday.

Thousands of people from Missouri to North Carolina were affected the deadly tornadoes last week so if you can help in anyway please lend some support to the relief effort.


Made as unofficial soundtrack to Apocalypse Now the REDUX Version Psycho Realm's DJ FM brings it raw and rugged with this mix of some first-rate Hip Hop.

I'm especially loving the Rakim & Public Enemy remixes. It certianty inspired me to to produce my own Rakim remix. Follow The Leader has always been my favorite Rakim joint.

"The way to make it work is… You have to start the movie on mute while the CD is paused and ready. When your DVD reaches 14 seconds into the movie you hit play on your CD and begin the experience. You can expect to hear certain sound effects in the CD that are happening on the screen. Also certain topics spoken by the MC’s are manifesting on the screen as they rap about it and many visuals are accented by instruments in the music."

Street Mixes Vol 1
(2007) | 68 MB|

Dj FM - Interrogation
Sick Jacken, Ill Bill & Q-Unique - Apocalypse Now
La Coka Nostra - Fuck Tony Montana
Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade
Dj FM - La Revolucion
The Psycho Realm - Confessions Of A Drug Addict Remix
Cynic, Sick Jacken & B-Real - Dwell In The Dark
Killah Priest, Sick Jacken, Bacardi Riam & Frank Black - Abgels & Demons
Mind Control (Interlude)
Eric B & Rakim - Follow The Leader (Remix)
The Psycho Realm - Order Through Chaos
Public Enemy - Prophets Of Rage (Remix)
Kool G Rap VS. Dj Shadow - Gunz Blazin'
Cynic & Chace Infinite - Crisis
Crow Soto - Undead
Ill Bill - Overkill (feat. Sick Jacken)
Street Platoon - Watchout
Sick Jacken & Cynic - Mind Of A Martyr
Sick Jacken - Kings In the Game (feat. B-Real)
Evidence & The Alchemist - Spit Game
Dj FM - Last Wish (Bonus Track)
Sick Symphonies feat.Immortal Technique - C.I.A. Murder Me Remix

Sick Sides


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