K Delight - Def Jam

With all the great mixes I dropped on you today I hesitate to add one more to list. However since it's my usual style to hit with four mixes every Monday & Thursday I might as well give you one more mix to listen to.

UK's K Delight known as "A raw madcap UK version of DJ Shadow" spins some Breaks, Funk and newer Hip Hop in this 1 hour mix.

so def so def so def its a DEF-JAM

This dope little mix is the new project by me good self K-Delight, its in the same vein as the live mixes i did with Evil Ed. Live in one take on the terry echniques and vestaxio and a stack of some mad dope tunes, cut the hell up. Nice for those mountain bike sessions along the seaside.
K Delight

K Delight
Def Jam:
A Live Turntable Session
(2009) |56 MB|

Intro - Watchin KD
The Guidelines 94 Instrumental - Aceyalone
Welcome to The Minstrel show - Little Brother
Lovin It - Little Brother
Slow It Down - Little Brother
Gettin Up - Q Tip
Super Bowl Sundae Instrumental - Ozomatli
Future Sound - Jurassic 5
Fall Break - Aim
We Fight/We Love - Q Tip
Bootleg - Nas
Midnight Method - The Nextmen
Bring It Home - The Bamboos ft. Alice Russell
Music Takes Me Up - Mr Scruff ft. Alice Russell
The Turning Point - DJ Format
Triple Trouble Acapella - The Beastie Boys
Let It Ride - Unforscene ft. Epcot
Bomb In A Trumpet Factory - Quantic
Looking At The Front Door - Main Source
The Genesis - John Robinson
Baby Your Mine - J Sands
Pass The Peas - The JB's
Hottest Dub - Beat Conductor
The Turning Point Remix - DJ Format
Homing In - Dynamic Syncopation
Lightheaded - Soul Power
Ticket To Nowhere - Quantic ft. Omega Watts
Tramp - Lowell Fulson
You And Love Are The Same - The Grassroots
The Mexican - Babe Ruth
Good Times - Chic
Let's Have Some Fun - The Barkays
Iced Lightening - RJD2
Mr Men stories - Mr Messy
One Thing Instrumental - Amerie
Funky For You - Nice & Smooth
So Long - Quantic
Split Milk - Nine Fifteen
When I Give My Heart To You - DJ Mentat ft. Skinny Man
Oh You Want More - Ty
Stay Cool Instrumental - The Roots
Just Be Good To Me - Tony Touch
Baba Gimmie Mo - Sebi
Iodine - The Countamen ft. Alley Cat
Bigger Than Jamrock - Nice Up

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