DJ Platurn - Journey Into Sound

DJ Platurn from The Oakland Faders released this blend-remix-samples mix back in 2009. Although I think it's a great mix towards the end it does wane a little for my taste.

“Coldcut’s Paid In Full samples, DJ Nu-Mark, The Godfather of Soul, Platurn Blends, Kraftwerk, New York in the early 80′s, familiar reggae vocals, Slick Rick & BDP, Nina Simone, Relaxation a la Electric, the greatest Rap Group of all time, songs with no words in ‘em and a DJ’s musical ego on full blast. Plus a few other tidbits in between. Enjoy!”
DJ Platurn

DJ Platurn
Journey Into Sound
(2009) |83 MB|

I Know The Ledge
DJ Platurn
Gershoni Sound


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