DJ Eleven - The Do Over Mixes

Over the past few years The Rub's DJ Eleven has made a few appearances at Los Angeles's famed The Do Over. Although I seen many of my fellow bloggers post these mixes before I neved gave them a listen until now.

Eleven's style is pretty fast and furious not alot smooth transitions or any beat juggling or cutting ala DJ A Trak. However the tunes are on point and overall these mixes are great. If you haven't heard these mixes before be sure to check them. Eleven spins some classic Hip Hop,80's & 90's RnB, Funk and a few House and Reggae tunes.

There have been alot great deejays come thru and rock The Do Over over the years but it would great if in 2011 we could finally hear DJ Revolution's set from 2010 (HERE) and see Rob Swift, Mane One or Cash Money rock a set. We can only hope for the best.

DJ Eleven
Live At the Do Over (June)
(2008) |92 MB|

DJ Eleven
Live At the Do Over (May)
(2009) |65 MB|

DJ Eleven
Live At the Do Over (September)
(2010) |100 MB|

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