DJ Battery Brain - Action Pack Rap Attack

The blogsopshere owns a great debt to mixtape collector Roll E for dropping this one on us!

This is pretty unbelievable a classic mix made in 1988 by DJ Battery Brain.

Battery Brain may not be a name most have heard of before but in late 80's the man was responsible for making some of pretty great blend mixes.  Before the concept became popular on the east coast in the early 90's deejays like Battery Brain, Dr. Dre, Tony A, Mix Mechanic and others were dropping blends mixes on a regular basis in mid to late 80's. When people over 30 years old on the west coast talk about mixtapes these are mixes we are referring to not today's rap "mixtapes".

DJ Battery Brain
Action Pack Rap Attack
(1988) |131 MB|

New Link (10/14/2012):

Roll E


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