Vin Roc - Best Of Underground - Full Mix

Here's sort of a repost but not quite. I posted Side A of Vin Roc 2003 mix Best Of Underground (Here) several months ago. Vin Roc was selling the full mix in order to raise funds for a surgery his dog Boss needed. Anyway It seems the full mix has hit the web. Now here's side B for those who were wanting to hear the full mix.

Vin Roc
Best Of Underground
(2003)| 98 MB|

Side A
Universal Magnetic - Mos Def
Shining Star Remix - Sunz Of Man ft. Beenie Man
Boom - Royce Da 5' 9"
When The Fat Lady Sings - Cypress Hill ft. Gza
Good Life - Cali Agents
Blood Brothas - Cali Agents
Work The Angles/Triple Optics- Dilated Peoples
High & Mighty
Flagrant - Choclair
Holdin It Down - Big L
Super Brooklyn - Cocoa Brovaz
One - Zion I
Wake Up - Kazi
Bend Ova - Phife
M.I.A. - Missing Linx
Whenimondamic - Lootpack
Jayou - Jurassic 5

Side B
D & D Soundclash - Afu Ra ft. Coco Brovaz
LL Cool J - LL Cool J
Ms. Fat Booty - Mos Def
Ms. Fat Booty Remix - Mos Def
Respiration - Black Starr
Equality - Afu Ra
Ooh - De La Soul
Listen Up - E Rule
Trust - Pharcyde
Special Way - Slum Village
Down For The Count - Talib Kweli & Hi Tek
Oh No - Mos Def, Phraoah Monch & Nate Dogg
Invincible - CNN
Slang Blade - Binary Star
Silly Puddy - Zion I & The Grounch

New Link (06/03/2013)

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