DJ Para - Smack My Pitch Up

UK's DJ Para goes in hard in this mash up mix of Hip Hop & Breaks from 2009. Similar to DJ Angleo's House Party...The Mixtape I posted before but more Hip Hop based and with superior scratching.

This mix takes the golden era of hip hop and gives it a fresh update for 2009. Para takes elements from classic hip hop tracks, layering new school beats over mid school hip hop music and adding classic raps. The result is a free flowing mash up that is held together by Para's skills on the blends, cuts and scratches.

He keeps the dance floor in mind throughout the mix and maintains a steady uptempo groove from start to finish. Listen closely and revel in the attention to detail! Tricky stuff!
Breakin Bread

DJ Para
Smack My Pitch Up
(2009) |71 MB|

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