DJ Babu - Back To the Lab - Original

Well there's seems to be a mystery that need solving in the mixtape blogosphere. Awhile back I posted what by my info was DJ Babu's Back To the Lab. However thanks to DJ Steven Flex I now have the official mix with the real cover art ripped from cassette.

So it seems that mix (HERE) is an unknown  blends mix by Babu made in 1995. I got the link from Mix Kingdom and I don't where they received it but evidently somebody mistook another early mix by Babu for the Back To The Lab. Either way both mixes are rare and dope.

This original Back To Lab is a semi-blends mix. Most of the songs Babs blends with other Hip Hop joints but sometimes he just lets the song stand on it's own. On the second half of Side B Babu hits you with a display of his turntable skills.

DJ Babu
Back To the Lab
(1993) |90 MB|

Side A:
True School Vibe Mix

Side B:
Underground Mix
It's Time To Get Live
Gambler's Luck

Steven Flex


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Eric Nord said...

Thanks for the clarification and thorough historical investigation!