Manu Beats - Remixes Vol 1

If you visit my site often you can assume I fancy remixes. There's something about hearing a new version of a classic song or a different version of a little known song you never heard before that just reminds why I love Hip Hop. Indeed one does get tired of hearing a new remix of a Nas or Common classic tune but overall the creativity in the production involved in most remix albums more than makes up for lack of creativity when choosing songs to remix.

Now if you love the orchestral dark boom bap sounds of DJ Muggs and Stoupe than Spain's Manu Beats has a style very similar to those veteran beatmakers. That reminds why the hell is Muggs doing  dubstep remixes? First Wu Tang then Brand Nubian now Cypress Hill doing dubstep!! That's pretty lame if you ask me.

Manu Beats
Remixes Vol 1
(2010) |81 MB|

Large Professor – Hardcore Hip Hop
Nas & AZ – Life´s a Bitch
Sick Jacken – El Barrio
Jedi Mind Tricks – Genghis Kahn
Large Professor – Hot
Kool G Rap & Nas – Fast Life
Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas (
Havoc and RA the Rugged Man – Don´t Wanna Fuck Wit
Large Professor – In The Ghetto
Beastie Boys – Oh Word

Manu Beats


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