DJ Primo - 7 Anos De Bocada Forte

I stumbled across this mix a few days ago I didn't know what was on it but assumed it was a Hip Hop mix since I didn't find any connection of between Brasil's DJ Primo and edm. I also learned that sadly Primo passed away in 2008 due to complications of pneumonia. He wasn't really known much here in the states but elsewhere in world he was known as MTV Brasil's DJ for "Yo MTV Raps".

Sorry no tracklist but in this 69 minute live mix you'll hear The Roots "Guns Are Drawn" and Gza's "Knock Knock"and a host of great joints I'm sure you'll love.

Reading Brandan E's post (HERE) and listening to this mix surely makes one sad that you'll never hear a DJ play these kinds of joints at a mainstream club here in states. It's shameful how so many deejays sold out within the past 15 years and now will only play songs that are heard on the radio. I don't blame the listeners I blame deejays they should know better!

To all you newbie deejays out the remember .......Deejays move the crowd they don't follow crowd and if it being played on the radio it's time for you to start digging for new tunes. In my day radio followed deejays deejays didn't follow radio.

DJ Primo
7 Anos De Bocada Forte
(2006) |130 MB|

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