DJ Mane One - 60

Mane One gives another samples mix with number 60 of the 30 minute mix series.

I have to thank a lot of hip hop producers for introducing me to great music. Most of the time, these songs sampled are so much better than the actual hip hop track. Most of these songs are good, but the tracks that really stand out for me are the ones by Linda Jones, Otis Redding, Joe WIlliams, Grant Green, and Jerry Butler. Those tracks really give me the goosebumps. Pay attention to Cube's lyrics at the end. Hehe. Hearing Ice Cube on that track makes me remember why he was my one of my favorite rappers growing up. :)
Mane One

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
60 (2010) |45 MB|

Hypnotized - Linda Jones
Unknown track
Just Because I Really Love You - Jerry Butler
I Still Love You - Nottz feat. Mayer Hawthorne
Trying Girls Out - Persuaders
Girls Girls Girls remix - Jay Z
Silly Wasn't I - Valerie Simpson
Silly Girl - Murs
It's Too Late - Otis Redding
Gone - Kanye feat. Camron
Down Here On The Ground - Grant Green
Vibes and Stuff - Tribe Called Quest
Get Out My Life Woman - Joe Williams
Ill Street Blues - Kool G. Rap
The Message - Brass Construction
I Ain't The One -NWA


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