DJ Bizkid - Soul Warfare 2003

In 2003 two of Germany's best deejays DJ Bizkid and DJ NST combined to produce "Soul Warfare", an underground Hip Hop mix released only on cassette.

Unfortunately Side A, DJ Bizkid's side, is the only part of  the mix uploaded to the net. However 45 minutes of a good mix is better than nothing. Hopefully one day in future we'll see Side B hit the net.

DJ Bizkid
Soul Warfare 2003
(2003) |63 MB|

Who? (Intro) - Dj Bizkid
The Unorthodox - Mr.lif
Complex Destiny - Offwhyte
Rpm (Remix) - Slug
Any Day - Qwel
On This I Stand - Eyedea
People (Interlude) - Dj Embee
Onemosphere - Atmosphere
Because They Made It That Way - Mr.lif
Bent Life - Aesop Rock & C-rayz Walz
Hittin' Hardest - Dr.becket
Clear The Spot - 13
Dismantling Sole's Ego - Sole
Wkrp In Nyc - Juggaknots
Magnetism - Promoe
Shoplif - Ripshop & Mr.lif
The Equinox - Vakill
There Is No Future - Non-phixion
With Us! - Cage & Copywrite
1st Things First - LMNO
Pitchers Of Silence - Sage Francis
God Love's Ugly - Atmosphere
Take A Number - Typical Cats
Teach The Babies - Mf Grimm
Extra Bizkids (Outro) - Dj Bizkid

DJ Bizkid


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