DJ Bizkid - All City

After the net being flooded the last week with bullsh*t valentine's mixes and Dilla tributes it was really great to hear a Hip Hop mix. I swear the second week of February has to be the absolute worse time in the year to find good Hip Hop mixes.

Thank God for Germany's DJ Bizkid!! Bizkid really holds it down with this Graff themed mix from 2007.

DJ Bizkid
All City
(Graffiti Theme Music)
(2001) | 101 MB|

Graffiti Is... - Mear One
Aerosoul - Tommy Tee
Pair A Graff - Blame One & Exile
Taking The Risk (Skit)
Wrong Side Of The Tracks - Artifacts
Out For Fame - Krs One
Graffiti Writers - The Narcissists
For The Graff Heads - Bukue One
Aerosol Migrants - LMNO
4 My Writers - Juice
Ambush In The Night - Looptroop
Return To The Wrongside - Artifacts
Creativity - Dr.becket, K-skills & El Da Sensei
Lune Tns - Company Flow
Bombing (Skit)
Graff - Beefeaterz
Click-clack Spray - Pack Fm
Writers Guild - Boom Bap Project
Streetwise - LMNO
Graffiti Art - Sharlock Poems & Sup The Chemist
Garbage (Skit)
The Manhattan Project - Qwel

DJ Bizkid


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