Cutmaster Swift - The Missing Mix Volumes No.3

I can't honestly say I love this mix but I think others around the world will enjoy this mix more than me.

The legendary Cut Master Swift spins mostly UK based Hip Hop in this mix from last year.

"This mix is the 3rd in a series I've titled the missing mixes, its my apology to the my real Hip Hop family that encouraged and fuelled my creative ideas throughout the best parts of my career, I hope you all enjoy my selection of music which has always been down to personal taste, a responsibility that most of today's DJ’s seem to have forgotten, we play what we like not for popularity or beacuse we're told too, after all that's the way it's meant to be or what would be the point putting your name to something that everybody else has done before in the same old industry style!?!"
Cutmaster Swift

Cutmaster Swift
The Missing Mix Volumes No.3
(2010) | 95 MB|

Cut Master Swift


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