UGWHH - The Illest Female Rappers Volume 1, 2 and 3

The folks at UGWHH put together this ill collection of tunes by female emcees.

Since I unfamilar with about half of the emcees names I thought this might be barely listenable at best. However it turns out many of tunes are on point.

Sadly though no Zane One,Rita J,Medusa or Sirah One or even Queen Latifah. Maybe they will get some shine on vol 4? Let's hope for the best.

The Illest Female Rappers Volume 1
(2010) |94 MB|

Jean Grae - Chapter One, Destiny
Psalm One - Ginsu Knives ft. Del
Ensilence - Flatline
Layla - In Between the Lines ft. Porsah Laine
Invincible - The Emperor's Clothes
Tiye Phoenix - Killin' Everybody
Bahamadia - 3 Tha Hard Way
J Ross Parrelli - Legacy ft. Akil the MC
Eternia - The Half
Kool Krys - Feel The Culture ft. Ghettosocks
MC Lyte - Floated
Skarlit Rose - Keep It Movin'
Luminous Flux - The Ill
K.Tana - Internal Conflicts
Lady Poetic - Universal Perspectives
Righteous Da Goddess - Spiritual Orgasis
Kaotic - Anatomically Speaking
Be One - Queen Universe ft. Francesca
Eternia, Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae - The BBQ (Remix)

The Illest Female Rappers Volume 2
(2010) |94 MB|

Left Eye - Untouchable
Dynasty - Femcee
AtLas' - Fly Away ft. Sahara
Genesis Be - No Sleep
Toni Monroe - In The Sky
Mecca Simeus - No Competition
Ensilence & Al Dumaurier - Between the Lines
Anomalies Crew & Jice One - Blacklisted
Psalm One - Truce
Invincible - No Compromises
Eternia & Helixx C - Family
Rebel Starr - Special Sauce
The Herbaliser - Generals
Genesis Be - Cold Eyes
Nyce - Fallen Angel
Dynasty - You Make Me Feel Alive
Skarlit Rose - Word on the Street
R.E.A.L - Never Really Mattered
Be One - Axiom 88 Bars

The Illest Female Rappers Volume 3
(2010) |93 MB|

Apani B Fly Emcee - Spot Me
Anomalies Crew - Underworld
Tiye Phoenix - Down (The Armageddon Theme)
Mami Montana - Official
Melodik Flows - Survival of the Fittest
MyVerse - Tape Rock
Helixx C. - My Time
Jean Grae - Desparada
Ensilence - Build Higher
Be One - Masta Chillas
Layla - Hushed Up
Genesis Be - Precious Beyond Measure ft. Ebonie Smith
R.E.A.L - Top of the World
Sha-Mecca - Haiti ft. Pharoah Ra-Zah
Panache & AtLas' - 6 Elements
Lauryn Hill - Everything is Everything
Apani B Fly Emcee - Estragen ft. Others
Keny Arkana - La Rage



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