UGWHH - The Illest Female Rappers Vol 4 & 5

After posting volumes 1 through 3 of UGWHH's The Illest Female Rappers (HERE) I stated that:

Sadly though no Zane One,Rita J,Medusa or Sirah One or even Queen Latifah. Maybe they will get some shine on vol 4? Let's hope for the best.

It looks like I spoke too soon because Vol 4 & 5 do contain songs from Medusa,Sirah One, Zane One & Rita J.Volume 5 even includes a tune from LA veteren emcee J Roz (SKA).

J Roz - End Of The Cycle

The Illest Female Rappers Vol 4
(2011) |88 MB|

Nejma Shea - Doomsday
Mystic - D-Boy
Doña - The Bond
Tenochtitlan - Pandemonium ft. Pawz1
Paria B - Is It A Crime?
Maya Luchee - Super Luchee
Kandi Cole & Invincible - Fronters (Remix)
Medusa - Know Thyself
Rita J & Rashid Hadee - Surrender
Be One - For The People
Mystic - Beautiful Resistance
Trinity - How I Feel
Sirah One - Class 103
Nejma Shea - Afta-Leyef
Adrift Da Belle - Can U Feel It?
Donya - Hip Hop
Vida Killz - Soul
Sticks C.L.A. - The Awakening
La Bruja - Being Who We Are

The Illest Female Rappers Vol 5
(2011) |93 MB|

Zane One - Nostalgia ft. Sojourn
Sticks C.L.A. - The Key
Njeri Earth - Benevolent Lieutenant
Femme Fatale - 1999
StaHHr - Still Dope
She The Hard Way - Breakdown (Remix)
Boog Brown, Miz Korona & Invincible - Friction
Dessa - Mineshaft
Kyo Itachi ft. StaHHr - Noire
Nejma Shea & Fawksie 1 - How Could You
Sirah One - 100dbs
Ensilence - Beautiful Thing ft. Al Dumaurier
Sa-Roc - Lifting The Veil
Mystic & Mos'Def - Here We Are
J Roz - End of a Cycle
Isis - Ask A Woman
Deadly Venoms - Venom Everywhere
Mother Superia - Most of All
AynJuL - You Already Know ft. Wildfire



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