Kool DJ EQ DJ Qbert & DJ Rob One - Mastermixes

Shout out to Forylla (Mix Kingdom) for uploading this classic little known mixtape.

On Side A Kool DJ EQ rocks some old school mixtape flow..lots of cutting and blending (Multi-tracking) for about 24 minutes. On Side B DJ Q Bert rocks a turntablism set for nearly eight minutes then DJ Rob One takes over for about 13 minutes. Kool EQ finishes off side B with another 4 minutes of cutting and mixing.

Note: This was ripped from an actual cassette so the audio quality isn't great but certainly good enough.

Kool DJ EQ
DJ Qbert & DJ Rob One
1997 | 44 MB|

Side A
How Many Emcees In This Mix?
The Wrecord Fiendz R Back
Whatevers Clever Mix
The Overdose Mix
Bomb Scratch Track
This Is the Way We Rock The House

Side B
DJ Qbert
One Legged Centipede
DJ Rob One
Age Of Independence

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