Foreign Exchange - Live On Subsoniq

I posted this on East Of LA several years ago but never got around to posting it on my blog but now here it is.

Producer Nicolay & emcee Phonte better known collectively as Foreign Exchange gave a live performance on XM/Sirius Radio’s progressive Hip Hop show Subsoniq in 2009. Now thanks to the good folks at Subsoniq we now have the opportunity to add this prime performance to our musical collection.

Note: The original file from Subsoniq's site was split into part 1 (44 minutes) & 2 (54 minutes) and since Phonte does alot of talking in between songs I split the files into more listenable tracks. Although I kept Phonte comments at the beginning of most of songs since he was explaining how many of the tunes became to be.


“This truly impressive show mixed progressive soul and hip hop flawlessly.Throughout FE is backed by a full band, within an intimate atmosphere, which is perfect for Phonte’s stage stories that had the Subsoniq listeners laughing their asses off!”

Foreign Exchange
Ft. Zo! & The Els
Yahzarah And Darien Brockington
Live On Subsoniq
(2009) | 113 / 117 MB |

Part 1
House of Cards
Sweeter Than You
Band Introduction
All Or Nothing
Yahzarah & Phonte Joking
Nic’s Groove
Phonte Talking About Love

Part 2
I Wanna Know
Stevie Wonder Story
If She Breaks Your Heart
Phonte Thanking Fans
Take Off The Blues
Muhsinah Story
Raw Life

Part 1

Part 2



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