DJ Mane One - 57

Similiar to number 53 I couldn't locate where I archived number 56 of The 30 Minute Mix series so Here's number 57.

DJ Mane One drifts away from Hip Hop & Breaks with this mix but goes deep into club hits of late 80's and early 90's. I'm really impressed he dropped Will to Power's "Say It's Gonna Rain" into mix. That is one of my favorite joints to spin back in days. Very few deejays rock that song nowadays.

Listening to this mix makes me think being a veteren Freestyle DJ myself I'm going have to rock a freestyle mix sooner or later. Honestly most Freestyle mixes on the internet suck ass (except this one). Most suffer from wrong tracklist and bad mixing. Maybe when summertime comes around I'll take back to the old school until then enjoy the tunes.

This mix takes me back to Junior High, a time when Stevie B. was the man and mustard was a color that was mandatory. When I was DJing college parties in the early 90s, I'd always have fun bringing these songs back during parts of the night. Hope you enjoy.
DJ Mane One

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
57 (2010) |42 MB|

Supercuts - Rodney O and Joe Cooley
Make It Mellow - Missy Mist
Get Off Your Ass and Jam - Anquette
Party Your Body - Stevie B
They're Playin' Our Song - Trinere
My Beat Goes Boom - Egyptian Lover
Say It's Gonna Rain - Will To Power
Dreamin' Of Love - Stevie B
The Promise - When In Rome
Secret - OMD
Lost In Emotion - Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
I Beg Your Pardon - Kon Kan
Panic Zone - NWA
Move Somethin' - 2 Live Crew
Dreamin' - Will To Power
Oh Sheila - Ready For The World
Give It All You Got - Afrorican
Mami El Negro - DJ Laz


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