DJ Illegal - Banished From Home

This how I love my Hip Hop raw and rugged!!!

Many may shy away from the ruggedness of the Snowgoons sound but in my opinion Germany's illest producers are one the few still releasing that pure Hip Hop sound that inspired generations to love Hip Hop.

Snowgoons ft Rakaa, Sicknature & Reks
Goon Stampede

La Coka Nostra ft Q Unique
Nuclear Medicineman (Snowgoons Remix)

Sicknature & Snowgoons
(Mixed by DJ Illegal)
Banished From Home
(2010) |92 MB|

Banished From Home Intro
Vinnie Paz – Drag You To Hell (Sicknature Remix)
Sicknature – Room Of The Past
Pro & Reg ft Reef – Time Isnt Safe
Godilla ft Adlib & UG – Lions Den
5th Criminal ft Slaine & Sicknature - Dungeon Masters
Dialek – Beyond
Viro The Virus – Heat
Dr iLL, Lord Lhus, & Qualm – Timb Boot Hatred (Snowgoons Remix)
NBS – B.O.S.T.O.N.
Demoz – Murderville
Reef & Sicknature – This Is Where The Fun Stops
Mastapiece ft Slain – Put You To Shame
Jus Allah – G.O.D. (Snowgoons Remix)
Godilla – Countdown
Lord Lhus, Savage Brothers, & Sicknature – Pray Hard
Brooklyn AC – Last Passion
Irate Farm – Disciples of Rap
Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Reks & Sicknature – Goon Stampede
Big Shug, Special Teamz & Singapore Kane – 40 Bars
King Syze – Cement Work
Revolution of the Mind & Reef – Back Ones Again
La Coka Nostra ft Q Unique – Nuclear Medicineman (Snowgoons Remix)
Lord Lhus – Hatred Exclusive
Randam Luck ft Jimmy Powers – Street Goons
Adlib, Ali Armz, Godilla & King Magnetic – Snowgoons
Ill Bill – 21 
Block McCloud, IDE, Critical, Adlib & Godhead The General – Valley of Death Pt. 2



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