DJ Honda & PMD - Underground Connection

I think I remember hearing about this album when it was released years ago. It most have not sold well since I haven't seen many heads mention it before. It's certainty as good as you would expect with a pairing of EPMD's PMD and DJ Honda.

I can't really say much about this album other it's pure unadulterated Hip Hop. You going love this.

Note: These are 320 kbps so don't stingy digital deejays rock these joints in your mixes and mixtapes. It's the least you can do since you getting high caliber,high quality free music.

Watch Me

How Many Ft Buttah(the Rawcotiks)

DJ Honda & PMD
Underground Connection
(2002) |90 MB|

Underground Connect
Beginning to End [Live]
Beginning to End
Honda 1
Constant Elevation
Who Could You Trust (Feat.Devyn)
Epmd [Live]
Look at U
Rhyme 4 Me
Hip Hop Universal
Know What I Mean (Feat. 275 Rob Jackson J Boogie Don Fuquan)
How Many (Ft. Buttah of the Rawcotiks)
Love Is Love (Feat. 275)
Watch Me
New Joint - CB MASS Ft. DJ Honda, PMD [Remixed by Dyno Soul aka J Win and Curbit]
Underground Connect

Dez Flight


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