DeeJay See - Jurassic 5 Tribute Mix

This idea I been kicking around my head for awhile but since UK's Deejay See aka LL Cool Dave already created this fantastic Jurassic 5 tribute mix there's no need for me to develop a mix of my own.

I still remember in 1995 finding a two "Unified Rebelution" 12 inches in a $10 all you can carry sale at Groove Time Records by an unknown group I never heard of before. I tell you discovering new groups by listening to tunes on vinyl can't be compared to today's listening to a new group's mp3 album. All my older heads who remember those early times when vinyl was king know what I mean.

Note: Since Unified Rebelution isn't present in the mix, a slight oversight in my opinion, I included a download link to single below as well. It isn't an audio rip from my copy of single but just something I found on the net.

DeeJay See
Jurassic 5 Tribute Mix
(2010) |79 MB|

Back 4 You
Great Expectations
The Influence
Monkey Bars
High Fidelity
Concrete Schoolyard
World Of Entertainment
Swing Set
Acetate Prophet
Lesson 6: The Lecture
Quality Control Pt.2
Quality Control
If You Only Knew
What's Golden
Thin Line
Gotta Understand
Work It Out

Jurassic 5
Unified Rebelution
(1995) | 38 MB|

Unified Rebelution (Radio)
Unified Rebelution (Street)
Unified Rebelution (Instrumental)
Unified Rebelution (Acapella)



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