Astro Jazziel - Native Tongues

I haven't downloaded this yet, it's such a huge file, but I figured many of you would love to have a collection of Native Tongue remixes. With the explosion of 90's Hip Hop mixes over the last few years you can never have too many little known remixes from the golden era.

Astro Jazziel
Native Tongues
(2011) |237 MB|

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It? (Extended Boilerhouse Mix)
Queen Latifah - Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children (The Infant Mix) (Feat. De La Soul)
Black Sheep - Without A Doubt (Salaam's Mix Edit)
De La Soul - Me Myself And I (Oblapos Mode)
A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics To Go (Tumblin' Dice Remix)
Fu-Schnickens - Ring The Alarm (Extended Mix)
Leaders Of The New School - The International Zone Coaster (L.O.N.S. Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix)
Jungle Brothers - How Ya Want It We Got It (Roc Raida's Native Tongues Remix) (Feat. De La Soul & Q-Tip)
De La Soul - Ego Trippin' (Egoristic Mix)
Monie Love - Work It Out (Platinum Vocal Extended)
A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (UK Flavour Radio Mix)
De La Soul - Keepin' The Faith (12'' UK Mix)
Da Bush Babees - Swing It (Jazziness Version)
Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style (Da Beatminerz Remix)
Chi-Ali - Funky Lemonade (The Beatnuts Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest - Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammad's Mix)
De La Soul - Buddy (Native Tongue Decision Version) (Feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Monie Love & Queen Latifah)
Jungle Brothers - On The Road Again (My Jimmy Weighs A Ton) (Q-Tip Remix) (Feat. Q-Tip)
Leaders Of The New School - Case Of The P.T.A. (Cut Monitor Milo Remix)
Black Sheep - Strobelite Honey (Maybe We Did Mix)
De La Soul - Eye Know (The Know It All Mix)
Jungle Brothers - What 'U' Waiting '4'? (Love Ride & Orchestra Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) (Re-Recording Radio Version)
De La Soul - Say No Go (New Keys Vocal)
Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y. (QD III's Big Titty Mix)
A Tribe Called Quest - Public Enemy (Saturday Night Virus Disco Mix)
Fu-Schnickens - La Schmoove (K-Cut Remix) (Feat. Phife Dawg)
De La Soul - Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix)
Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Salaam Remi Version)
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (Young Nation Mix) (Feat. Leaders Of The New School)
Monie Love - It's A Shame (My Sister) (Monie Dee Mix) (Feat. Ultra Naté)
Jungle Brothers - Doin' Our Own Dang (JB's Mix) (Feat. De La Soul, Monie Love, Q-Tip & Queen Latifah)
Chi-Ali - Roadrunner (ATCQ Puberty Mix)
De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" (Dave's Home Mix) (Feat. Q-Tip & Vinia Mojica)
A Tribe Called Quest - Butter (Hip Hop Mix)

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