Arabian Prince & Egyptian Lover - Live at Future Roots Radio

All my peoples over 30 years of age and within Southern California will taken back to 80's with this live appearance of two of So Cal's legendary deejays...Uncle Jamm's Army's & NWA's very own Egyptian Lover & Arabian Prince.

Trust they take it way back with this. From Egypt rocking the mic and rapping over his own tracks to bringing out the 808 drum machine. This is exactly how it was at a Uncle Jamm's Army show. Also you got to love how Egypt rocks a track by playing it backwards. You rarely see deejays do that nowadays.

Electro legends Arabian Prince & Egyptian Lover brought their crates of original wax and 808 drum machine to dublab’s “future roots radio” show on 90.7 KPFK for an action stacked and packed two hour 80′s electro jam party. They revived the vibes of the legendary Uncle Jamm’s Army parties as they rocked the rawest beats and blasted so smoothly on the microphone. If you too need a freak you’ve got it right here!

Egyptian Lover - I Need a Freak

Arabian Prince & Egyptian Lover
Live at Future Roots Radio
(2009) |152 MB|

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