Random - Heroes Volume One

Now this is a ill concept and album. Interspersed between the tracks are little vignettes of Random (Mega Ran) speaking about his various inspirations behind each track.

Higher (Live)

Hand Me Down

Heroes: Volume One
(2010) | 131 MB |

Words On JB
Higher (Inspired By James Brown)
Hand Me Downs (Original) (Inspired By Marvin Gaye)
Pain In My Heart (Inspired By Otis Redding)
Look Around feat. Phil Harmonic (Inspired By Stevie Wonder)
Work It Out (Inspired By Marvin Gaye)
Twice Over (Heartbreak Remix) (Inspired By The Jacksons)
Wings (Remix) feat. Rufus Pipes (Inspired By The Victims of 9-11-01)
306 (Inspired By Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)
DJ Hero (bonus track) feat. Jermicide and Int Eighty
Eat Em Up (bonus track) feat. The Movement Fam

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