Pipomixes - Mercury Kush

Pipomixes is back with a blending of Dilla, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest & Dr. Dre in the third  mix within his "Kush" series (volumes One & Two here).

"The whole idea of the Kush series is a takeoff from Dre's Chronic album. During the recording of The Chronic, "chronic" became a term in the studio that was synonymous with some "next level" ish. Borrowing from that train of thought, I created the Kush series for mixes that sound a little "different."

It Takes a Nation..., The Chronic, and The Low End Theory albums were all game changers in terms of the hip hop production landscape. Then I started thinking about what recent album really served to change the production landscape, when I concluded that the album had to be none other than Dilla's Donuts. Though all four albums have a very different sound, I was amazed how well the four album blended together."

Mercury Kush
(2010) |61 MB|



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