Hamza 21 - The Producers Journey Vol 2

Here it is Volume Two of my The Producer's Journey series.

"I got the idea for this mix from the Bad Things Come in 3's series from DJ Dopeshoes and Lost Remixes by DJ C Los. With so many great productions over the years it seemed like a no-brainer to pay tribute to the many producers that shaped and (still) support the true Hip Hop sound we all love so well."
Hamza 21

Unlike Volume one I added more producers and limited song selection to 2 songs for each producer. For volume three I think I will keep that format  as well.

Also similar to Volume 1 (HERE) I broke mix into Side A & Side B.

Until next month's TPJ Vol 3 enjoy the tunes.

Side A

Side B

The Dynamic Hamza 21
The Producer's Journey Vol 2
(2010) | 126 MB|

Hamza 21 - The Producers Journey Vol 2 Hamza 21 - The Producers Journey Vol 2

Side A
Baraka Blue - Love and Light [Anas Canon]
Rakim - Shades Of Black Remix [Da Beatminerz]
Can't Nobody - Kay Kay On The Beatz [Kay Kay]
The ARE ft. Roc C & Oh No - When You're Down (Bad Boys) [The ARE]
DJ Honda ft. Rakaa Iriscience & Money Harm - Let It Out [DJ Honda]
Kenn Starr Ft. Talib Kweli - If [Oddisee]
Cypress Hill ft. U God - Killa Hill Ni**as [Rza]
Everlast ft. B Real - Deadly Assassins [Alchemist]
Bach To Hip Hop - Kay Kay On The Beatz [Kay Kay]
Tiye Phoenix - Bless Me [Illastrate]
Wyclef Jean - John 3:16 [DJ Muggs]
Dilated Peoples ft. Noelle Scraggs - Marathon [Alchemist]
DJ Revolution ft. KRS One - The DJ [DJ Revolution]
Xzibit - Klack [DJ Khalil]
Visionaries - Pangaea [Life Rexall]
Cypress Hill - (Rock) Superstar Live [DJ Muggs]
Hieroglyphics Ft. Goapele - Make Your Move Remix [9th Wonder]
RZA - My G.O.D. [Rza]

Side B
Deeskee Ft. Fatlip, Scarub & P.E.A.C.E - Combustible Compounds [Deeskee]
DJ Revolution ft. Chino XL, DJ Craze & Infamous - 4 + 1 [DJ Revolution]
Gangstarr - Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot) Remix [Large Professor]
Deeskee ft. 2 Mex & Brother J - Metronome Click [Deeskee]
Black Moon - Buck'em Down Remix [Da Beatminerz]
The Procussions - Storm Remix [Thomax]
2Mex - Green Grass [Life Rexall]
Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) SD50 Remix [Stimulated Dummies]
The Beastie Boys - Sure Shot Remix [Large Professor]
Jynxx ft. Mando The DJ,Azma Instigater & Yasin - Posse Cut [Jynxx]
The Fugees - Nappy Heads Remix [DJ Honda]
3rd Bass - Triple Stage Darkness [Sam Sever]
Yasin - Rize Up [Jynxx]
EPMD ft. LL Cool J - Rampage [Erick Sermon]
Evidence - Outta Of My Mind [DJ Khalil]
Murs - Sillygirl [9th Wonder]
Chico DeBarge - Soopaman Lover Remix [Erick Sermon]
Dujeous - All MC's [Sam Sever]
Edo G ft. Masta Ace - Wishing Remix [Thomax]
K-Otix - Mind Over Matter [The ARE]
Diamond District - Hologram [Oddisee]
Hard 2 Obtain - LI Groove [Stimulated Dummies]
Aarophat - Action [Illastrate]
Baraka Blue ft. Mos Def & Nassirah Nelson - Sweetest Fruit [Anas Canon]


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