DJ Rob Swfit - Tableturns Remaxing and Relaxing

With the exception of his 2010 collabo with The Metermaids Rob Swift never disappoints. This mix of some serious head nodding Hip Hop remixes is one of Rob's best mixtapes.

Not any scratching skills that Rob is known for in this mix of the remixes done by MC/Producer Mr Invisible and producer BT. However the selection of tunes more then makes for absence of Rob's cutting.

This album uses the simple guidelines from the past: dope MCs, dope beats, raw cuts from the DJ, and in this special instance, the X-factor being remixes. Produced by BT, mixed by Rob Swift, and featuring the MC, Invisible, we're shown that new dogs can use old tricks.
Aaron Weaver -

DJ Rob Swfit
Tableturns: Remaxing and Relaxing
(2005) |90 MB|

The Intro
Invisible - Peace To Brooklyn
Gang Starr & Nice & Smooth - Dwyck (BT Remix)
Black Moon - Warzone (BT Remix)
J-Live - Satisfied (BT Remix)
Invisible - We Fire Missiles
Dead Prez - Hip Hop (BT Remix)
Invisible - For The Kids In The Streets
Invisible - Hang Wit Us
The Beatnuts- Do You Believe? (BT Remix)
Erick Sermon - Bombdigi (BT Remix)
Big Daddy Kane - The Man, The Icon (BT Remix)
Mobb Deep & Invisible - Quiet Storm (Invisible Remix)
Mos Def - Mathmatics (BT Remix)
Nas & Invisible - If Ain't Hard To Tell (Invisible Remix)
Invisible - Street Melody
De La Soul - Itzsoweeze (BT Remix)
Black Moon - The Way (BT Remix)
Invisible - From Sunset
Invisible - Lies

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