DJ Mane One - 52 & 54

Mane One totally takes a left turn with number 52 of the 30 Minute Mix series with a mix of jazz standards.

Since this mix may go over many peoples heads I decided to drop number 54 on you as well. Sadly I can't find my download of number 53 so 54 will have to suffice. In the mix Mane One spins some San Diego Hip Hop.



DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
52 (2010) | 42 MB|

All I Do Is Dream Of You - Michael Buble
It's a Wonderful World - Frank Sinatra
Bright Lights Big City - WIllie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis
Some Of These Days - Rat Pack Lounge Ensemble
I Like The Likes Of You - The Stuarts
Only A Paper Moon - Frank Sinatra
I Only Have Eyes For You - Ella Fitzgerald
Banana Split For My Baby - Louis Prima
The Walkin' Blues - Jesse Powell Orchestra
Jump Session - Slim and Slam
Tisket A-Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald
Just a Gigalo (with trumpet solo) - Louis Prima

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
54 (2010) | 47 MB|

Low Down and Janky - Tony Da Skitzo
Straight Jackin' - Big June
Hardcore - Kutfather
Let My Record Rotate - Mr. Brady
Karma - Mood
Microphone Enhancer - Most Desh
Savor The Flavor - Green Eyes
Grown Man Rap - Blame One
Libertad - Shysti
The Struggle Is On - Green Eyes
Hotel Motel - Black Mikey
Rhymin' For A Reason - Prhyme Suspects
I'm That N***a - Gangsta Ern
Nobody's Identical - L.O.D.


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