DJ Mane One - 49

You're going to love this!! The Grand Imperial DJ Mane One is hitting you hard with Funk, Latin, Disco & Soul in number 49 of the 30 Minute Mix series.

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
49 (2010) | 42 MB|

Keep Me In Mind - Bamboos
Unbroken Unshaven - Budos Band
Es Lamentable - Sophy
Little Less Conversation - Elvis
Who's Makin Love - Johnnie Taylor
You're Losing Me - Ann Sexton
I've Got So Much Trouble On My Mind - Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul
Que Se Sepa - Robert Roena
Let it Out -Ugly Duckling
Sour And Sweet - Savannah Band
Funk Me Remix - Marvin Gaye
In The Closet - Michael Jackson


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