Chali 2na - Fish Market 2

Now this is one of my favorite albums of 2010. Though there were a few joints I wasn't feelin but as a whole 2na fish delivers some solid Hip Hop tunes in this sequel to his 2004 Fish Market.

Chali 2na
Fish Market Part 2
(2010) |67 MB|

Fm2 Theme Ft. DJ Dez Andres
Greezy Ft. Jack Spade Akil Laid Law
DJ Dez Andres
2na Interview
Tanya Stephens – No Bad Man Ft. Chali 2na
Chicken O The Sea Messages Ft. Sha
Born Shockwave & Street Cred
Hype 2night Ft. Ang 13
I Met Drez
Step Yo Game Up
X Clan – Funky 4 You Ft. Chali 2na
Rip Dusk
Heroes In The City Of Dope – 2 Much Ft. Chali 2na
Across The Map Ft. J-Live
Hood Report
Focused Up Ft. Shockwave Ang 13 Raw
Power Street Cred Laid Low
Fried 2na
On The Low Ft. Planet Asia
Wheels On The World Ft. Dez Andres &
Gadget Go Go
4 Yo Luv Ft. Dez Andres Fat Roy
Time Is Now
Save The People

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