Z Rock Records - Scratch Party vol 1-2-3

Here's some real old school for all you today!

Back in the early 80's  many of us Hip Hop fans were raised upon hearing mixes like these "mix" records. These type of mixes were the standard "mixtapes" of era. Back in mid to late 80's the term mixtape meant a multitracked "mash up/blends" mix. Not like today's no-mixing-no-scratching-deejay-drop-every-minute "mixtape".

Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Note: There is  a rumor these mixes were produced by former NWA/Worldclass Wreckin Cru member (now porn director) DJ Yella and Dr Rock. I'm not sure it this true or not. Z Rock was Wreckin Cru's label but I haven't seen any evidence of Yella confirming this fact.

Scratch Party #1

Scratch Party #2

Scratch Party #3

Z Rock Records
Scratch Party # 1-2-3
(1983/1984) |38 MB|

Spyder D - Smurphies Dance
Malcolm Mclaren - Hobo Scratch
Herbie Hancock - Rock It
Grandmixer DST - Crazy Cuts
M.C Frosty - Radioactive Rap
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Midnight Starr - Electricity
Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom
Cybotron - Clear

Art Of Noise - Beat Box (Diversion One)
Thomas Dolby - Blinded Me With Science
Malclom Mclaren - Hobo (Scratch)
Cameo - She's Strange
Glass Ft. John Williams - Bedrok
Newcleus - Jam On It
Unknown Track
Hashim - Al Naafiysh (The Soul)
The Barkays - Freakshow On The Dance Floor

VHB, The - Beethoven's Fifth (Street) Symphony
Klinte Jones - In The Heat (Of The Night)
Chuck Chillout - Hip Hop On Wax-Volume 1
Jay Novelle - If This Ain't Love
Rama - Don't Want You To Be
Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money
Knights Of The Turntables - Techno Scratch
Deele, The - Body Talk
Lakeside - Outrageous
Active Force - Rise Up
Dazz Band - Swoop (I'm Yours)

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