Progress Nude Crew - 34 Fragment Remixez

Now this is some ill stuff right here. Japan's Progress Nude Crew (Hiro aka Melodiverse and DJ Ryo aka Questello) remixes a slew tunes you know and love.

Although this remix collection is pretty long (2 cds worth) all remixes are pretty outstanding. PNC's soulful vibes will make your head nod and satisfy all your Hip Hop needs. These remixes are so dope I'm even including some on my upcoming mix "The Producer's Journey".

Blessing It - Substantial & Pase Rock

Lil Kim - Came Back For You

Progress Nude Crew
34 Fragment Remixes
(2010) | 126 MB|

Sky Side

Rewind (Melodiverse Remix) - Nas
Music (Melodiverse Remix) - Erick Sermon feat. Marvin Gaye
I Can (Melodiverse Remix) - Nas
Brain (Melodiverse Remix) - Jungle Brothers
Memory Of Melodies (Melodiverse Remix) - Dred Scott & Adriana Evans
Came Back For You (Melodiverse Remix) - Lil' Kim
Be Perfect (Melodiverse Remix) - Soulstice
Smoke in the Air (Melodiverse Remix) - C.L. Smooth
Don't Even Try It (Melodiverse Remix) - Funky DL
Vocab! (Melodiverse Remix) - Hocus Pocus
Still Telling Lies (Melodiverse Remix) - Cuban Link feat. Tony Sunshine
X Gon Give It To Ya (Melodiverse Remix) - DMX
Put It On (Melodiverse Remix) - Big L
Baby Mother (Melodiverse Remix) - Camp Lo
Krunk Krunk (Melodiverse Remix) - Aksent
Crush On You (Melodiverse Remix) - Lil' Kim feat. Notorious B.I.G
Climax (Melodiverse Remix) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
The Light (Melodiverse Remix) - Common

Earth Side

6th Sence (Melodiverse Remix) – Common
My Country (Melodiverse Remix) – Nas feat. Millenium Thug
Day by Day (Melodiverse Remix) – Funky DL
Much More (Melodiverse Remix) – De La Soul feat. Yummy
Blaze It Up (Melodiverse Remix) – DJ Honda feat. Black Attack
Come Close To Me (Melodiverse Remix) – Common feat. Mary J Blige & Pharrell Williams
Don’t Say Nuthin (Melodiverse Remix) – The Roots
Blessing It (Melodiverse Remix) – Substantial & Pase Rock
Passing Me By (Melodiverse Remix) – The Pharcyde
Rap Life (Melodiverse Remix) – Tash feat. Raekwon
Life’s A Bitch (Melodiverse Remix) – Nas
D.T.F.N. (Melodiverse Remix) – Cise Star & CYNE
Shook Ones Part.II (Melodiverse Remix) – Mobb Deep
You Gets No Love (Melodiverse Remix) – Faith Evans
Better (Melodiverse Remix) – Unspoken Heard
Week Ends (Melodiverse Remix) – Black Eyed Peas

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