Mark Luv - Unity Tribute Mix

Universal Zulu Nation-LA President Mark Luv has been around for ages. He may not be known as much outside of southern California but within the So Cal area he's one of our veterans who's been put it down for years.

This mix isn't too exciting skills wise, no beat juggling or crazy scratch combos, but it's  a great  snapshot of what you used to hear at LA's famed Unity (LA's long standing Hip Hop club).

R.I.P. William "Bigga B" Operin

“May 2, 1999 while in Arizona working with new artist Bad Azz, Bigga B suffered a heart attack. His legacy in Hip Hop lives on through the memories of the Unity Concert Series, the many artists he served as A&R for on Loud Records and all the resulting projects owed to his introduction of artists to one another.”

– DJ Mark Luv

DJ Mark Luv
Unity Tribute Mix
(2003) |111 MB|

DJ Mark Luv


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