DJ Kutfather - Mixtape Sessions Anniversary Mix

As promised here's more DJ Kutfather.

This is a live recording of Mixtape Sessions first anniversary party in 2007.This was around the time when Kutfather was confined to wheelchair. However his health has improved and as of 2009 doesn't require the use a wheelchair anymore.

No tracklist but Kutfather spins Reggae for about 17 minutes then delves into 80's & 90's RnB for another 20 minutes then drops some Hip Hop for 10 minutes or so.

You gotta to respect any DJ who would spin Full Force's Unselfish Lover (@ 31:56) and The Family's The Screams of Passion (@ 33:54) at a that's old school!!

DJ Kutfather
Mixtape Sessions Anniversary Mix
(2007) |57 MB|

DJ Kutfather


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