DJ Handprints - Los Scandalous

I got another DJ Handprints mix for you today. Of course the Project Blowed affiliate DJ is rocking some serious LA Underground Hip Hop on this mix from 2008. The Low End Theory's NoCanDo drops a couple of worthy freestyles throughout the mix as well.

DJ Handprints
Los Scandalous
(2008)| 46 MB|

Nocando - Intro
DJ Handprints - Welcome To L.A.
Aceyalone, Jah Orah & Nocando - Rock This Place
Abstract Rude & Tribe Unique - Thought Provoking
Nocando - Freestyle
Cookbook (Of L.A. Symphony) - Set The Record Straight
Nocando, Alpha MC, Open Mike, Psychosiz - Use Your Head
Thavius Beck As Lab Waste - The Name
Ellay Khule AKA Rifleman - Telecommunication
Nocando - Freestyle 2
Volume 10 - Hip Hopera
2mex - Ambience In The Ambulance
The Nonce - On The Road Again
DJ Handprints - Intermission
Freestyle Fellowship - Pure Thought
Lyraflip, Verbs, DVS & Sahtyre - Lyrics 2 Go
Awol One (Of The Shapeshifters) - Static
Aceyalone - Believe In Yourself
Otherwize - Man To Man Combat
Nocando - Knock On Wood
Xololanxinxo - Marketing The Monster
Ice - T - Squeeze The Trigger
Sp83, Psychosiz, Open Mike, Alpha MC, Dumbfounded,
Sahtyre & Nocando - Holdin’ Down Spots
Xzibit - West Bound
Murs - Pedal To The Metal
$martyr (2mex & Liferexall) - Green Grass

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