DJ Bachir - The Nonce The Only Mixtape

Why this was never done by an American deejay is beyond me. Nonetheless France's DJ Bachir pays tribute to one group that deserves as much praise and respect as they can get.

The Good Life alum The Nonce delivered a sound in their short career that inspired a host of Hip Hop producers and groups. Truth indeed The Nonce was raw, jazzy and real. Yusuf Afloat & Sach was one of the groups that put the So Cal underground Hip Hop scene in spotlight. If you love the jazzy sound of Digable Planets or J Dilla you can't but to love The Nonce.

"While The Nonce never had the props they deserved it's now time to show them some appreciation in the form of a Mixtape. This mix is just a little foray into the catalog of Sach and Yusef Afloat."
DJ Bachir

DJ Bachir
The Nonce The Only Mixtape
(2010) |126 MB|

Mixtape Intro
The Nonce - From The Ground Up (Eighty Five Mix)
The Nonce - Who Falls Apart?
The Nonce - Live & Direct
Supherb - Dominoes, Cards & Chess
Aceyalone - Mr. Outsider
Supherb - 90008
The Nonce - Mix Tapes
Global Phlowtations - To The Turn Of The Earth
Sach - Black Earth
Sach - Number 9
Lynn Ness & Sach - Droppin' Jew-els
The Nonce - Good To Go
Supherb - Mr. Hollywood
Sach - Go Just To Stop
The Nonce - The Sight Of Things
The Nonce - On The Air
Sach - Joy
The Nonce - Just What I Needed
Sach - Gold Lace Au
Ammon Contact & Sach - Into 777
Sach - L.I.F.E. Gives
Project Blowed - The People
Presto, Sach & LA Jae - Soloist Virtuoso
Create - Sonny Sharrock

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