Dark Sun Riders - Seeds Of Evolution

Although I was a huge X clan fan and bought the 12" of Dark Sun Riders back in day. I never got around to listening to this 1996 album. I can't say why I never heard the album before but damn if it don't hold it's own with all great albums released in late 90's. Brother J's voice is too ill for words. Certainty one of the most slept on emcees. If you love boom bap Hip Hop you're going love this album as I did.

Soulful Ascension

The Revival

Dark Sun Riders
Seeds Of Evolution
(1996) | 68 MB|

The Preparation (Interlude)
The Mouth Ritual
Day of the Gathering (Interlude)
Dark Sun Riders
Arrival to Chemical Egypt (Interlude)
Time to Build
Ultra Blessings (Interlude)
Bro J. Theme
Zoneweilders Groove
Return to the River (Interlude)
Soulful Ascension
Positive Influences (Interlude)
Rhythmous Flex
Damu Blessings (Interlude)
Mag! Nificent Son
Feel & Move
Justice (Interlude)
The Revival
Only Mortals (Interlude)
Jewels of Evol

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