Rchecka - Dumpster Funk 2

This is for all my beatdiggers and funk groovesters out there. Rchecka rocks an all original vinyl  45 mix of funky tunes. Six years in the making you know it's gotta contain a few tunes you don't have within your collection.

I worked every moment of free time on mixing down Dumpster Funk 2, only to scrap what seemed like hundreds of takes. Certain songs matched BPM, but not key, others matched in key but not BPM. For 6 years I collected hundreds of Dumpster Funk left-overs that never made it on the mix. I love these records so much I felt obligated to make this mix for fans of funk music.

Dumpster Funk 2 (2010) |132 MB|

Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky - Lee Dorsey
I A'int Got Nobody - Sly And the Family Stone
Dig Her Walk - Young Holt Unlimited
Walk on Judge - Soul Partners
I'll Pay You Back - Magic Sam
Sock it To 'em Soul Brother- Bill Moss
Good & Funky - James Barnes & The Agents
Crazy Legs - Donald Austin
Pabst Blue Ribbon Soul Town Music - Kenyon & Eckhart
Ain't No Sunshine - Eddy Senay
Gotta Be Funky - Bobby Rush
Gettin Funky 'Round Here - Black Nasty
House Of Rising Funk - The Chubukos
Bouncing Around - Floyd Morris & Company
The Breakdown (Part 1) - Rufus Thomas
Sumpin Heavy - The Boys In The Band
Gangster Boogie Bump - Willie Henderson
Touch - The Rhythm Makers
Five On The Black Hand Side - Keisa Brown
There Was A Time - The Dee Felice Trio
Theme From Enter The Dragon - Dennis Coffey
Rock - Yamaha International Corporation
It's Just Begun - Jimmy Castor Bunch
Let's Put It Together - A Different Bag
Who Is He And Who Is He To You - Creative Source
What Does It Take To Turn You On - Sons Of Slum
I Can't Go On - Truth
Potatoes - Claude & Samuel
I'll Take Those Skinny Jeans - Syl Johnson
Pabst Blue Ribbon Soul Town Music - Kenyon & Eckhart
Sanford & Son Theme - Quincy Jones
Just Chillin Out - Bernard Wright
The Naughty Cheerleader - Independent International Pictures


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Olskool4real said...

What's good my Hamza I was trying to find out is this the same RCheka from OSHH.com?

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Yeah that's him.

I know him from: