Qwel and Maker - Rarities and Remixes

This collection of rare songs and several remixes from Owl, the third album from Qwel & Maker , is pure underground Hip Hop gold. If your heard DJ Bizkid's Break The Mold (HERE) you know what to expect. I guarantee if you love underground Hip Hop you won't be able to not nod your head to this collection of tunes.

Qwel and Maker
Rarities and Remixes (2010) |125 MB|

Intro (Rob Wonder Remix)
Letting Life Pass By (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
Down Dumbing (DJ Day Remix)
Holler (RPM Remix)
El Camino feat. Pugs Atomz (DJ Vadim Remix)
Gin River (X144 Remix)
Megaphone (Qwel & Maker Rarity)
Cookie Cutter (Swamburger Remix)
Gambling Man (Joey Beats Remix)
Play By Play (Qwel & Maker Rarity)
Letting Life Pass By feat. Serengeti (Emynd Remix)
Word To The Wise (Michal Menert Remix)
Pitching Pennies (Doc Delay Remix)
Megaphone feat. Scud One (Herma Puma Remix)
El Camino (Maker Remix)

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