J Rocc - Walkman Rotation

Not exactly J Rocc's best work but certainty something every J Rocc fan should have in their collection. You can never go wrong with a Beat Junkies mix. This little known mix J Rocc  did for Seattle's Conception Records includes early production work by Jake One.

J Rocc
Walkman Rotation (1998) |128 MB|

J-Rocc - Somethin' Funky For Your Walkman (Intro)
Eclipse feat. Arcee - World Premiere
Jake One feat. Kutfather - No Introduction , No Introdeezy
Conmen - Beat #1 (Interlude)
Fourfifths feat. DJ Ace - Earth, Wind & Fire (Remix)
Samson & Swift - Watch Your Words
Carl Johnson - Contribution (Interlude)
Mr. Supreme feat. 3D - Any Last Words
Eclipse - My Position
Conmen - Beat #2 (Interlude)
Jake One feat. Arcee - Essay on Pseudo-ism
Kutfather - Thoughts I Generate
Third Degree - Better Days
Diamond Mercenaries - Living To Die
Kutfather - Neva Scared

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