DJ Zeph and DJ Imperial - Break Builders Vol 1

Yes I found it! Unfortunately though it's a youtube audio rip and I'm missing the last 8 minutes of the mix. Still if you loved DJ Zeph's Break Builders Vol 2 (HERE) you love the drums breaks on volume one.

I don't really know alot about this mix, when it was released and what does the actual cover image look like. Indeed this is some rare stuff. What I do know is this mix was pretty popular a few years back among break lovers but to date nobody has uploaded a CD rip of the mix. If anybody has copy of this mix please upload and send a link my way.

DJ Zeph & DJ Imperial
Break Builders Vol 1 (??) |35 MB|


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brianandletitia said...

Hey, as an fyi. I have a copy that I bought in Amoeba San Francisco in 1999 & will ripping & uploading to Demonoid 2nite.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...


Why upload to demonoid it's a close source. If you want people to hear it upload to a file share site like megaupload where any and everybody can download.

If you decide to upload to a file share site instead of demonoid send me a link and I ll post it.

Peace & Blessings


Pile up mix-tapes said...

Still looking for a proper rip of this mix?
You can find one here:
This blog belongs to a friend of mine, and I gave him a copy of this mix a long time ago. I bought "Breakbuilders Vol.1" a long time ago at Amoeba (SF), when it was released.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

I already reposted a cd rip of the mix Back in February