DJ Mane One - 44

The Grand Imperial Mane One is back to Hip Hop with number 44 within the 30 Minute Mix series. Listening to this mix makes me wonder why Keith Murray never gained mainstream popularity.  I always loved Keith's voice and rhymes. In my opinion he should have achieved success that overshadowed his mentors EPMD. Maybe Keith's personal issues kept him from taking advantage of his opportunities.

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
44 (2010) |42 MB|

Real Ni**a Quotes - Common
The Rhyme - Keith Murray
Part of My Life - Freddy Foxx
Cookers - Camp Lo
Ain't Nuthin - The Mountain Brothers
Baseball - Negro League
Wrong Place - Del Tha Funke Homosapien
St. Ides Commercial - Ice Cube and Yo Yo
Authentic Hip Hop - Kali Wild
Beneath the Surface -Gza (sorry this record was hella dirty haha)
Hush Hush Tip - N-tyce ft. Method Man
Zilch - The Monkees
Werds From the Ghetto Child - Gangstarr


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