DJ Mane One - 38

Sorry folks I've been sick for the past week so I won't be posting any mixes today BUT I will try to post some mixes tomorrow. I should well enough by then.

Now here's number 38 with the the 30 Minute Mix series.

DJ Mane One
30 Minute Mix:
38 (2010) | 41 MB|

Drive Slow
Nobody Move - Eazy E
Criminal Minded - Boogie Down Productions
Run That Sh*t - Edan
Paper Thin Bbahamadia
Madism -Channel Live ft. KRS One
Neber been In Love - Talib Kweli
Just Servin Justice - Poor Righteous Teachers
Thanks Chuck - Question
Clinical Rhymes - Edan
Hollywood Hot - Eleventh hour
Java - Al Hirt


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